My Story

Hello, i am Pjetka Grotewal, 25 years old, born and living in Den Helder, The Netherlands. As long as I remember, I’ve been into photography. I’ve bought my first professional camera when i was 12 years old, with the money that I earned working at a local farmer. In my highschool years i used to do a lot of editing for friends and relatives, because I was quite familair with Photoshop etc. Instead of only editing i was starting making my own pictures.

Along the way I’ve been giving a wider view on photography: from portraits to landscape photography, as long as it ‘s challenging. After I gratuaded highschool, I applicated for a study in ‘’Audiovisualtechnology’’ at Media College, Amsterdam. During the study I realized it didn’t alligned to my expectations. Unfortunally i had to stop with the study, afterwords I took a fulltime job and beside that i was developing my skills in photography.

After i passed my home study photography and Adobe Photoshop CS, I started to focus on photographing, especially people. This is something I’ve made my own, during the years. In the process of making these pictures, i demand high quality. The customer’s vision and mine will always be in tune, although I’m only satisfied when the customer appreciates the end product.

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